Our Mission
Volunteer and Donate

Empowering resources, training and education grow food AND communities. Our food gardens, micro farms, and food forest-style community orchards involve sustainable practices like organic growing, aquaponics, hydroponics and regenerative agriculture. We collaborate on solutions for a more sustainable and resilient regional food system.

Your donation of time or money helps The Local Food Project increase access to healthy food for those in the greatest need, teaches people the importance of healthier nutrition, provides them with the tools to grow and prepare their own food, and creates jobs while improving our natural environment and building healthier communities.

Local Food Park - The Local Food Project is a 501C3 nonprofit organization which works in disadvantaged communities with marginalized populations. We connect people to nature and healthy food as a catalyst for healthier lifestyles.

Our Projects

Growing healthy food and community -- it's what we do!

The Local Food Project, Saint Petersburg, FL grows food, community.

Local Food Park (The Local Food Project) promotes ecosystem health and food security.

We're connecting people to nature and healthful food for better quality of life.

LFP practices Regenerative Stewardship for carbon sequestration, water quality and quantity, biodiversity, human health and rural development.

Local food security is national security.
How do we meet escalating global food demand? As alternative farming systems  can be part of the solution, we're piloting intensive indoor growing with natural vertical aquaponic systems.

Local Food Park - The Local Food Project

A 501C3 Nonprofit Organization